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Over Day Trip Black And White Desert



Start from Cairo at 7:00 AM moving to Bahariya oasis arrived at 11:30AM have lunch then change the car take our land crouser cars then starting our Desert tour Driving to the frist stop (Black Desert) 25 km from Bahariya oasis have stop in middle point in the black desert to see all black desert from the highest mountain in the black desert then continue drive to the Crystal mountain the frist stop in the white desert national park stop there to see the crystal stone and see the mountains coverd by Crystal drive to one of the most beautiful view in Al agbat area stop there to take A good pictures then going to playing sand bording (fun time) then continue drive to white desert start in white desert to see the frist rook information mushroom rook in old white desert then drive to the new white desert we have to stop in panoramic view in the middle of white desert then going to see all rock information in the new white desert (camel and chickenc and tree and rabbit) then going to Bahariya Oasis then to Cairo.

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