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Pyramids Sound and Light Show with Private Transport

Enjoy a fantastic sound and light show at Giza pyramids with  Unas Egypt Tours. That will give you the opportunity to discover the secrets of Pharaohs in your private tour to make pleasurable experience.

Day by Day Itinerary

Day by Day Itinerary

Sound & Light Show at Giza Pyramids

Have you ever wondered how life was thousands years ago? These ideas have inspired artists to take you there, briefly, by creating a sound and light show. Breaking all the boundaries through all ages & go through the ancient time, Creation of artists is brilliantly wonderful view which can attracts you in all eras of history. You'll enjoy for an hour with sound and light display near the pyramids and Sphinx, Sphinx's story about the effects is one of the oldest mysteries of the world. Visit the pyramids at 21 century, after thousands of years how it built, and how these towering buildings saved through generations, and also testifies to the great human spirit that created it.Unas Egypt Tours offering you this splendid chance to know the stories of the Pharaoh kings and their secrets, legends and mysteries of the ancient world. Back to your hotel smoothly in Cairo/Giza


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